About Carol

Carol has helped people with their challenges for almost 30 years. During that time she recognized that the body/mind experience was just more than talk. It was everything. As a holistic practitioner and teacher of self-help, transformational and energy techniques during that time, along with dietary counseling and healthy food cooking classes, she has integrated the best of the best for fabulous results. Most health or weight loss coaches are all about the food, calories and exercise and don’t have the abilities to address the most important issue, your unconscious mindset.

She combines her love of people with a systematic and intuitive approach to help people reach their desired goals. Carol helps people get to the root of their problem quickly and effectively so they can get results.

Her background includes spiritual reinforcement from practicing, teaching and training in meditation and yoga and opened one of the first Yoga teaching schools in her area. Her love of how the mind works with the body has been her passion. She has many certifications in a multitude of energy modalities, such as EFT. She worked as a university faculty member where she has taught courses in philosophy, psychology, sociology, and the humanities.

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