Eat Your Greens!

Spring is a great time to up your intake of green veggies, which are loaded with minerals and vitamins and are very nourishing, yet light and good for spring detox. Leafy greens are high on the list, as they are a good liver cleanser which we need after eating heavier food in the winter. They are the perfect spring tonic.

Many Asian health systems, including Ayurveda, say that “Bitter is better” and greens are definitely bitter. Greens help boost the immune system and provide support for the eyes, skin, and mucus membranes.

The tougher greens are best eaten cooked – kale, collards, dandelion, broccoli rabe, mustard, and turnip. Lighter greens like arugula can be eaten raw. Because greens are both bitter and pungent, they are well-balanced when cooked with sweet and cooling coriander powder. Just heat some olive oil, ghee, or other good-quality oil in your skillet, add the coriander powder and sauté a few seconds until it browns and smells sweet. Then add your greens and maybe other veggies, some salt and a little water. Or if you feel more adventurous, add some cut up onions and garlic to the cooked coriander and cook until almost tender. Then add your greens. Cover and stir periodically, adding water as needed. Cook until the greens are tender.

Some variations…

  • Cook the greens with beets or butternut squash or sweet potato. This is especially good if greens by themselves are too bitter for you.
  • When the greens are just about done, crack one or more eggs over the greens, sprinkle with salt and pepper, turn the flame to medium/low, cover, and cook for five minutes. This adds a strong protein boost.
  • Blend extra greens with hot water, milk, or non-dairy milk for a quick soup.



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