What Are Your Triggers?

Do certain things totally set you off to eating exactly the way you don’t want to? What is it that triggers you to be out of control, even with the best of intentions? Knowing what these triggers are can help you be prepared and forewarned! It may include anything from the following list, or there may be others you can think of…

  • Being home alone at night
  • Being tired
  • Being with friends or family
  • Not having any plans for the weekend
  • Going by a favorite vendor (i.e. ice cream parlor or bakery)
  • Having to do something you don’t want to do
  • One bite of sugar
  • One bite of salty snack food
  • Getting way too hungry
  • Not feeling good about yourself
  • Not fitting into your clothes
  • Going clothing shopping
  • Being at a party
  • An upcoming vacation or special event


What else can you think of? What food or foods you reach for in these situations? Do you eat anything in sight, or are your cravings very specific – such as chocolate cake from the bakery down the street, your favorite brand of pizza, popcorn with a certain seasoning?

Knowing all this, what can you do about it?

  1. Plan a substitute. If you eat when you are tired, what else can you do to energize yourself? Maybe take a relaxing bath? Maybe dab yourself with peppermint essential oil? Maybe take a short nap or sit down and read a good book?
  2. What food(s) can you substitute that will be less harmful? Maybe sweet fruits instead of cookies, raw veggies with seasoned salt instead of chips?
  3. How can you avoid being in that situation to begin with? I.e., if you are home alone on the weekend, could you have made plans with friends?

Remember that best results come from working one step at a time. Target one thing that triggers you and work on that first. When you have it under control, go on to the next trigger. This will give you slow but steady progress, the kind that keeps the weight off because you are changing your habit patterns.


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Carol Crenshaw is a Weight Loss and EFT Expert, helping hundreds of people weed through all the weight loss myths and providing healthy, fast and freeing weight loss solutions.To find out more about Carol and the weight loss programs she offers, go to www.MakingWeightLossEasy.com


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