How Do I Know When I’m Hungry?

Do you eat when you’re not hungry? Do you know what it feels like to be hungry? Often people who want to lose weight do not experience what real hunger feels like in the body. In order to know when you’ve had enough food, you need to know what sensations come up when your body needs more fuel. If you eat when you’re not hungry, you will never reach a satiation level because your body does not need food.

It’s good to eat when you’re at a moderate level of hunger. If you eat when you are just a little hungry you have less digestive fire going and your body will not handle the food quite as effectively. But if you wait until you get too hungry, you will want to devour everything in sight! Somewhere in the middle is a happy medium. If you rated your hunger level on a scale of 1-10, you would do best by waiting awhile if the level was a 2 or 3, eat when it was at least 4, and remember to eat sooner if it goes up to an 8 or higher.

When hungry you will feel emptiness in your stomach and maybe growling. Your concentration will decline because your body is signaling you to take care of feeding it. You might even start to get a headache, get cold, or get irritable. The signs will be a little different for everyone, so it’s best to start studying your own make-up and then heed the signs and signals.

In the yoga tradition, there’s a way to tell when your body is ready for food – this is when your right nostril is more open than your left nostril. More air is flowing through the right nostril. The right nostril is connected to digestive fire, so your body can process food more effectively with right nostril dominance. However, this does not mean we should eat whenever the right nostril is open. Our nostril dominance tends to switch from one nostril to the other every two hours or so. We do not need to eat every four hours! So, when it’s time to eat, that’s the time to check your nostril dominance.


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