Eat Only When Hungry

Are you in the habit of eating only when hungry, or helter-skelter throughout the day? It’s important to be hungry when we eat, as that’s when we have the most digestive fire and the greatest ability to process what we take in. But it’s also important to eat meals at regular times, so the body has time to digest, and then has time to assimilate and remove wastes. Snacking gets in the way of this process big time.  After we eat, the body works on metabolism, assimilation and waste removal. But if more food comes in before the previous batch has been processed, the poor body becomes confused. It goes back to digesting, and undigested food from the first time around has to wait its turn to be processed. This is not to say that snacking is taboo in all circumstances, but as a general rule it helps to avoid it. Times when it might be needed are: with hypoglycemia, with pregnant women, with diabetics, or if you get caught somewhere away from food and are very hungry.

The best way to eat for good health is to combine eating only when hungry with eating meals at the same time every day. Here’s the formula…

Eat When Hungry + Eat at Set Times = Good Digestion, Health, and Weight

To accomplish this, remember that eating only when hungry does not mean eating whenever. What is does mean is getting your body into a routine and rhythm that you follow as much as possible. It means establishing your meal times that are well-spaced away from each other (generally 4-6 hrs.). Then, figure out what you can eat at breakfast that will leave you with a good appetite for lunch. Next figure out what you can eat for lunch that will leave you with a good appetite for dinner. This will require some experimentation, but soon your body will be in a good rhythm and you’ll feel better.

Remember that it’s best to eat the main meal in the middle of the day when our digestive fire is at its zenith like the sun. But this is not too practical with our work schedules. So if you can’t eat your main meal midday, next best is to eat dinner as early as possible, maybe by 6 or 6:30 pm. Eat enough so you won’t get hungry again before going to bed, but not too much so you’ll still feel full when you go to sleep. Again, it’s a balancing act that takes some time to master.


Remember that all rules are made to be broken! While this is an excellent plan for health and weight control, there are times when it just won’t work. I.e.,when you’re on vacation, with other people who have other plans, at a party, etc. So my suggestion is…develop the above plan and make it part of your life until you’re on automatic with it. Get to the point where it’s so comfortable to follow it that you really notice a difference when you deviate. Really make it a habit. Then deviating once in a while will only increase your desire to get back on track. Not a big deal. But, if you start deviating before you have the habit established, then it will be easy to go back to your old habits. So it’s another balancing act.


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