Eat with The Sun

This food secret comes from Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of health. Ayurveda means ‘the science of longevity’ and practical tips from this system can be used to maintain or restore health as well as to achieve our ideal weight.

Just as the sun is the center of the solar system, our solar plexus (the area around the navel) is the center of our body. When the sun is at its zenith, it is strong and fiery and we need to watch out or we’ll get burned by the heat. Our bodies imitate the sun, so our digestive fire is also strongest midday. For this reason, it is best to eat our largest meal between 12 noon and 2 pm. The ‘fire in the belly’ is at its zenith and it helps us burn up what we eat, and gives the body ample time to metabolize what it has taken in. This helps us maintain our ideal weight as well as stay healthy.

If we eat our main meal later in the day, our digestive fire is definitely down, like the setting of the sun. Therefore Ayurveda says to eat lightly at night, i.e. soup and toast or a grain/veggie dish. That way the body is not straining to process our last meal and we can go to bed feeling light. Then the body can gear up for cleansing and elimination while we are sleeping – just the way nature intended.

Think about it – the word breakfast means break fast. Eating light and earlier at night gives us a longer fasting period so wastes can be amply eliminated. However, with our modern lifestyles, eating earlier at night and eating our main meal midday can be challenging. Here are a few pointers on what you can do:

  1. Cook large amounts and freeze serving size portions to heat up quickly.
  2. Prep foods, especially veggies, in advance.
  3. Use a pressure cooker for faster cooking.
  4. Partially cook food in the morning and then put it in a wide mouth thermos to finish cooking while you are at work.
  5. Cook simple meals. It is healthier to eat simply, and saves a lot of time too.
  6. Put up food in the summer and fall that you can pull out of the freezer in the winter.

Have other pointers? Please post them so others can benefit too.

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Carol Crenshaw is a Weight Loss and EFT Expert, helping hundreds of people weed through all the weight loss myths and providing healthy, fast and freeing weight loss solutions.To find out more about Carol and the weight loss programs she offers, go to    Both group and private sessions are available.


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