Tricks to Drop Unwanted Pounds

Here are some ways you can lose those unwanted pounds, with very little effort. They are based on research findings…

  1. Studies have found that people lose about a pound a month by eating 20% less food. If we cut back by that much, we don’t notice it too much or feel deprived. Once we cut out 30% of our intake (almost a third) we do notice it and don’t like it! So find that 20% point and continue eating what you eat, just a little less.
  1. Studies have also found that we are used to eating a certain volume of food. The food takes up a certain amount of space on our plates and we get used to that. Once we have less volume on our plates, we tell ourselves that we will be hungry. So, the trick is to keep up the volume with more low-calorie foods. That means filling your plate with salad greens, raw and cooked veggies, etc. Aside from having less calories, these foods are nutrient-dense and will help your health as well. 


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