My Mind Is Elsewhere

Do you eat without paying any attention to what you’re doing? Is a box of cookies or a bag of chips gone before you even realize what you did? Do you wonder where all the food on your plate went to in such a short time?  If so, here’s a script to tap on.

If you’ve never tapped before, please download my Quick Start Guide first and find out how to tap. Just go to:

Give this challenge a SUD level: How easy is it for you to eat while your mind is on something else? Then let’s start tapping at the karate chop point.


Even though I often eat without paying attention to the food, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I can eat a lot while my mind is elsewhere, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though it’s hard for me to be present while I’m eating, I accept who I am and how I feel.


Top of Head: I often eat without paying any attention.

Inside the Eye: I don’t do much chewing.

Outside the Eye: I inhale my food.

Under the Eye: I wonder where all the food went.

Under the Nose: I rarely enjoy the smells, colors, textures, and tastes of the food I’m eating.

Under the Mouth: It’s so hard for me to pay attention while I eat.

Collarbone: My mind is on more important things.

Underarm: Eating isn’t that important.

Top of Head: I don’t really enjoy my food.

Inside the Eye: But I sure am sorry when I see what I’ve eaten.

Outside the Eye: It’s my habit to eat while my mind is elsewhere.

Under the Eye: I’m using food to push down my emotions.

Under the Nose: It’s not really about nourishing myself.

Under the Mouth: It’s amazing how much I can eat without even realizing it.

Underarm: If I paid attention, maybe I’d enjoy my food more and eat less. Maybe I wouldn’t  even put some foods in my mouth if I were paying attention.




Top of Head: I’d like to eat with more awareness.

Inside the Eye: I choose to change this habit pattern.

Outside the Eye: What would my eating be like if I stayed in the present moment?

Under the Eye: I’d learn about myself if I paid more attention.

Under the Nose: Maybe I’d even get to the root of this whole eating/weight challenge.

Under the Mouth: It might not be easy to switch this pattern.

Collarbone: But I’m willing to give it a try.

Underarm: I want to see the connection between my food choices, eating habits, and thoughts/feelings. It would be awesome to eat like a naturally slim person.


Also write down whatever comes up for you when you tap, and also tap on that.


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