Better Than Chocolate

Here’s something so tasty it could make you give up chocolate (or almost). I make it every fall in large batches and freeze it for something wonderful during the winter. What is it? It’s apple-apricot sauce.

It’s really easy to make. You can cook it in a pot, but I slow cook it in a crock pot for seven hours. Here’s what I do…

  1. Put about ½” of water in the crock pot.
  2. Add a layer of apples about 2 ½” deep. I pick my own apples, which makes it very fresh and tasty.
  3. Add some cinnamon, clove, a little ginger powder, and a dash of salt.
  4. Add some cut up unsulfured dried apricots.
  5. Continue layering apples, spices, apricots until the crock pot is full.
  6. Cover and let cook on low for 7 hours (I let it cook overnight).
  7. Cut off crock pot. Take a potato masher and mash to desired consistency.
  8. Cool and freeze/refrigerate.


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