Time for Fall Cleanse

Now is the time of year when the body can use a good cleanse. The weather is transitioning and we are less likely to get colds and flus if we get the excess out of our system.  Plus, cleansing is always a good aid to weight loss.

There are many simple cleanses we can do. Here are a few…

  1. Simple juice fast: use fresh fruits and veggies, preferably organic. Do the fast for 1-3 days. Leave extra time to rest, and for light exercise.
  1. Fresh fruit and veggie diet: eat these for a few days as your total diet. It’s best to use local and or organic produce when possible. Foods can be eaten raw in salads or blended drinks or steamed-baked-roasted.
  1. Do one or two days a week of only 500 calories. Favor veggies and lean protein.
  1. Do one or two days a week of liquid diet. Use fruits, veggies, grains, beans. Cook your food and liquefy it. Add water to thin as needed. You can also make smoothies and even hot cereal with a lot of extra water so it’s soupy.
  1. Use a cleansing product with the above, or alone. It’s best to do with a lighter diet (i.e., avoid wheat, sugar, dairy, and too much fat). Some good products are Young Living ICP (you can take this for a few weeks or even more) or the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse. There are also specific cleanses for certain organs, as Juva Cleanse for the liver. Please contact me for how to order these products for your cleanse.


If you want help with a good cleanse for you, or to learn how to live like a naturally slim person, please contact me at 317-445-4203. No obligation 15 minute ‘Free My Body’ chats are also available. Please go to  www.MakingWeightLossEasy.com


Carol Crenshaw is a Weight Loss and EFT Expert, helping hundreds of people weed through all the weight loss myths and providing healthy, fast and freeing weight loss solutions.To find out more about Carol and the weight loss programs she offers, go to www.MakingWeightLossEasy.com

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