Give Up One Food a Week

Here’s a method to help you lose weight a little at a time, so painlessly you might not even notice it!

What you do is give up one food (or drink) each week. It might be the same item for several weeks in a row, or you may choose a different item each week, or you might rotate them in and out. When you take one problem food out of your diet, it can save lots of calories and also help you get into better eating habits. Some people like to start with their most problematic and troublesome food, others prefer to start with something easier and ease in.

I have sometimes found that what people give up the first week, they never go back to, or they go back to it on occasion and it no longer has the strong draw that it used to have. It’s also good to explore what memories are associated with that food, and how it feels to give it up.


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