Why Some People Hold On To Weight

Are you one of those people who don’t lose weight, no matter what they do? It may have to do with your small intestine and how you absorb food. If you are eating foods that inflame this organ, it can cause small perforations in the intestinal tract. Then nutrients leak out, nutrients that your body really needs. Toxins also leak out, which cause the inflammation. This condition is called Leaky Gut Syndrome. The body sends out a signal to hold on to everything it has, since some essential nutrients are not being absorbed. Then your body holds onto extra weight as hard as it can.

Two big culprits for inflaming the small intestine are gluten and dairy. If you are eating these foods (and especially if you are eating them in large amounts) it would be an interesting experiment to cut them out for a while and see if it helps you lose weight. If it does, I’d suggest continuing the experiment as well as seeing your health care practitioner to find out how to fix the small intestine.

For further information, check out this Dr. Mercola report…



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