Seven Food Culprits for Weight Gain

There are two foods that can be very problematic for losing weight: foods with gluten, and dairy. Even if you eat small portions and eat ‘healthy’ your body might be holding on to extra weight if you have a food sensitivity to these foods (and many of us do). The food sensitivity leads to inflammation, and with inflammation the body holds onto weight to help dilute the toxins that are produced.

Some people think that there are five more common culprits in addition to the two above. So now there might be seven culprits that are interfering with your reaching your weight goal. These seven foods are:

1 Gluten

2 Dairy

3 Refined sugar

4 Soy

5 Corn

6 Peanuts

7 Eggs


If you are really curious how these foods are affecting you, try this experiment. It does involve some sacrifice and will make it harder to eat out, but it’s all in the name of science! What you do is leave out the foods for 21 days. See how you feel and take some notes on any changes that have occurred so you don’t forget. You might be surprised and pleased to find that you are losing weight without any additional effort.

Then very slowly reintroduce the foods, one at a time (see details on how to do this in the book below, or call Carol). Study what happens when you add the food back. If symptoms went away without the food and then came back with it, that is a sure indication that a particular food is something you do not tolerate well.

For further information, check out the book The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin.


Do you have questions about diet and nutrition? Call me at 317-445-4203 to set up a dietary consultation, free consultation or single session starter. We will work out a success plan that meets your unique needs for weight loss and improved health. 

Carol Crenshaw is a Weight Loss and EFT Expert, helping hundreds of people weed through all the weight loss myths and providing healthy, fast and freeing weight loss solutions. To find out more about Carol and the weight loss programs she offers, go to    Both group and private sessions are available.



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