The Power of Imagination

Which would you say is more powerful, will power or imagination? Actually, imagination is more powerful. Let’s think about it…if will power was more powerful, we’d be able to do all the things we want to do. But somehow that doesn’t happen because the unconscious mind has its say. That’s the part of the mind that leads us to act in certain ways, ways we’re often not even aware of.

The interesting thing is that the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what happened and what we imagine happened. So we can reprogram the mind for a different outcome.

Here’s an experiment to try out. Before you go to bed at night, picture something you would like to happen, like being at your ideal weight or eating several servings of veggies each day. Imagine it so perfectly that you can feel it in every cell in your body. Imagine it happening right now, in the present.

Then say to yourself 10 times what you were imagining. For it to be effective, say it in the present tense, stated in positive terms. Examples are…

  • I choose fruit when I want something sweet
  • I enjoy being at my ideal weight of 125 lbs.
  • My body metabolizes food perfectly
  • I like being seen in my slim body
  • It’s easy for me to express my feelings
  • I eat protein at every meal
  • I drink 8 glasses of water each day


When you do your 10 repetitions, bend one finger down for each one so you’re sure you did 10. Be sure to finish all 10 before you fall asleep! 

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