Food Zones

Please think about it for a minute. What places do you eat at? If you’re the typical American, your answer might include any or all of the following: in your car, at your desk, in front of the TV, standing somewhere in your kitchen. You might be eating and checking emails, eating and texting, eating and reading, eating and driving, eating and watching a TV program, or eating quickly while your mind is on something else.

Do you eat at a dining room or kitchen table? If so, you are probably in the minority. Tables have been invented for eating! Yet many people don’t sit down and eat a meal, concentrating only on their food, its tastes, textures, and flavors. And many family members eat on the run, rather than sitting down together at least once a day and sharing with each other what’s going on with them.

The various places you eat are called food zones. You can utilize this information to easily lose weight. All you have to do is pick one place to eat – a dining room or kitchen table, or at a table in a restaurant when you’re out. If you’re adventurous, try this experiment for a week. Eat whatever you want, but sit down at your designated food zone and eat there. And one more thing – just eat at the table. Skip the phone, tablet, book, mail, etc. It will be waiting for you when you’re done. I guarantee it.

You will probably notice that a lot of the TV snacking will drop away, snacks and seconds in the kitchen standing will drop away, treats in the car will drop away. You will no longer wonder how you inhaled a bag of chips or half a package of cookies. You will be left with eating meals and conscious that you just ate a meal.

Plus, you will feel lighter and clearer. You might even decide to extend the experiment past a week and develop it into a life-long habit.  I would love for you to post the results of your experiment on this blog, so other readers and I can see how you did.


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