Be Present and Mindful for Five Minutes a Day

If you want to pay more attention to how you eat, what you eat, and when/  where you eat – but don’t know how – here’s a good place to start. Set aside five minutes a day to be totally present. If you’re walking, pay attention to your steps.  If you’re eating, pay attention to your food.  If you’re doing dishes, pay attention to the feel of the suds on your hands. If you’re talking on the phone, be present with that person and do nothing else.

Your whole life is a training ground. As you change your focus and mental state, notice how the changes affect your eating habits and food choices. This is how you develop concentration and awareness.

If you’re eating a fabulous meal, imagine how much more enjoyable and satisfying it will be if you give it your full attention. Notice the colors, tastes, smells, textures. Notice how the food feels in your mouth and how you feel after you’ve eaten.

Whatever you’re doing, your sense of being present will be enhanced by paying attention to your breathing. You do not need to change your breathing pattern. Just be aware of your inhalations and exhalations. Also use all your senses to process what’s happening in the moment.

You’re going to be doing things during the day anyway. So why not be there while you’re doing them? 


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