Fasting Zone

If you eat really well during the day and then blow it at night, here’s something you can do.

  1. First, figure out what hours are problematic for you. For most people, this is later in the evening, after dinner. But for some it may be another time during the day. This is the time where you snack and eat foods for other reasons than feeding the body.
  1. Make this problematic time your daily time to fast. Make sure you are getting your meals in, but cutting out this grazing/snacking/me time period. Every day, skip eating during this time.
  1. There are many benefits to doing this. If eating late at night is your problem, you will end up sleeping better, feeling more rested and energetic in the morning, and dropping pounds. This is because the body slows down when you sleep, so that late-night food is sitting around a long time before it gets processed. You might also notice an improvement in heart health. Plus, you will  be clearer and get a lot more done during the day.


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