It’s Easy for Me to Slip Back

Now that you’re  revved up to lose weight, keep this tapping script in mind when you have a bad day or week and want to give it all up. In the process of reaching a goal, we have ups and downs, periods of elation and encouragement, and also periods of discouragement and wanting to quit.

Let’s tap on it. Tap at the first sign of discouragement and you may have a whole different experience this year. Be sure to stay watchful of your early warning signs!

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Give this challenge a SUD level. How much do you want totally give up your weight loss goal right now? Then let’s start tapping at the karate chop point.

Even though I give up too soon, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I get tired of dealing with losing weight, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I it’s just too hard to shop, cook, and eat healthy food, I accept who I am and how I feel.


Top of Head: I’m tired of paying attention to food all the time.

Inside the Eye: What’s the point of it all.

Outside the Eye: It takes too much energy and awareness.

Under the Eye: It’s more comfortable to slip back to my old habits.

Under the Nose: I don’t know who I am without these old habits.

Under the Mouth: I’d rather not deal with it.

Collarbone: I might gain it all back anyway.

Underarm: It may not be realistic to lose weight.


Top of Head: I’ve never been able to lose weight and keep it off.

Inside the Eye: It takes effort all the time.

Outside the Eye: Part of me is feeling deprived.

Under the Eye: I want to eat like I used to.

Under the Nose: It’s an ongoing effort with no end.

Under the Mouth: It’s just too tiring and hard.

Collarbone: Maybe I should just accept the weight that I am.

Underarm: But I’m not happy with how I look and feel, and it’s affecting my health in a bad way.




Top of Head: I feel really discouraged today.

Inside the Eye: But I haven’t forgotten my goal.

Outside the Eye: If I keep it up I can be free of this food obsession.

Under the Eye: I feel better when I eat healthy, light foods.

Under the Nose: It’s OK to have bad days.

Under the Mouth: I know they will pass.

Collarbone: I choose to focus on my successes.

Underarm: And create more of them.

Also write down whatever comes up for you when you tap, and also tap on that.


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