Impatience with Slow Weight Loss

Are you impatient to reach your goals as soon as you start working on them? If so, this may be slowing down your progress. If you think in terms of big goals, it takes longer to reach them and then you will get frustrated because you are not getting there fast enough.

It might help to change gears and think small. Rather than saying, “I want to lose 50 lbs.” and feeling overwhelmed, why not say, “I want to lose a pound a week.” A pound isn’t that much to lose in a week, but in a year you will have reached your goal weight. Even if you only lost a half a pound a week, you’d be 26 pounds lighter in a year. The modest two pound loss each month would start to add up. If you had been slowly putting on pounds each year, this would still be a significant shift.

Weight experts say that you need to eat 3500 calories less to lose a pound, so if you cut out 500 calories a day, what would that involve? What could you eliminate that wouldn’t be that big a deal? Or if you wanted to go slower, what could you cut out that totals 250 calories a day, for half a pound a week loss?

When you go one step at a time like this, think about the small gains you are making. I.e.: I am sleeping better without the late night snacks, my clothes are looser, I have more energy, I feel like exercising now, people are noticing a change, etc. Compliment and reward yourself (preferably without food) for the changes to encourage yourself further. And remember that small steps taken repeatedly lead to big changes.


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