Reach Satiety with Real Food

Want to lose weight and have fun at the same time? One way to do so is to eat real food. And what exactly is real food? With all the packaged and fast food flooding the market, the real deal has gotten lost in the shuffle.

Real food is food that is close to its natural state. It is eaten raw or cooked, often flavored with natural herbs and spices to enhance the flavor even more. It is preferably local and or organic, but any food close to its original form is a winner today.

Take apples for example. You can bite into a local apple right from the tree. Nothing is more tasty! One step removed is to buy apples in a store, from somewhere close by. Next step is to buy apples from far away, like across our country or from another country.

Let’s say you want apple sauce. Best is to make your own. I make mine in a slow crock pot and let it simmer overnight for about 7 hours. I put some water in the bottom of the crock pot, add a layer of apples (which I have picked from a local orchard). Then I add a layer of cut up unsulfured apricots, some cinnamon, and dash of clove, ginger, and salt. I keep layering like that until the pot is filled to the brim, cover it, turn it on low, and let it do its thing. In the morning I wake up to a scrumptious smell. I take off the lid and use an old-fashioned potato masher to mash the apples into sauce. When it cools I leave out a big bowl of it to eat over the next few days, then I put the rest in jars and freeze it to enjoy during the winter months. There’s nothing better than eating something that good at a time of year where nothing too fresh is to be found.

If you’re not into making your own, the next step would be buying organic applesauce – but it just can’t hold up worth a nickel to what you can put up yourself. Next would be to buy applesauce in the supermarket – it sort resembles the real thing, and at least isn’t harmful if it is preservative-free. But it just doesn’t have the satiety that eating the real thing produces.

How does this affect weight loss? When you take time to enjoy the flavors of food, and eat food that really has taste, you are more likely to feel satisfied after the meal and move on to something else besides food. The 32 chews per bite is a good taste test here. If you chew a lot and don’t find flavor in any bites, it’s an indication that the food doesn’t have much nutritional value and probably won’t leave you feeling satisfied. It’s just not real food. You will be more likely to continue eating all day long, because you haven’t taken in what you need to nourish the body.

As an aside, when you eat really good food, you can also tell when it’s time to stop. When you’ve eaten what your body needs, food no longer tastes as good. That’s an indicator that it’s time to move on to something else.

One way to work with this is to keep a satiety chart or journal. Rate each food you eat on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most satisfying. Be sure to chew the food a lot so you give it a fair chance. Then see which foods you have really enjoyed eating, which ones left you feeling nourished. Slowly increase your intake of those foods and see what happens. Is it more fun than counting calories or restricting yourself to tiny portion sizes?


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