I Want to Lose Weight Without Any Effort

Do you want to lose weight, but have a million excuses not to? Does life get in the way of your efforts, or you have other things you’d rather do than pay attention to your food? If you have this push-pull going on within yourself, here’s a script to tap on.

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Give this challenge a SUD level: How easy is it for you to find excuses not to make efforts? Ten means you have lots of excuses. Lower numbers indicate some resistance, but also some resolve to do it.

Let’s start tapping at the karate chop point.

Even though I find lots of reasons to not release this extra weight, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I wanted to be slim without any effort, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I want to release this extra weight now and not have to think about it anymore, I accept who I am and how I feel.


Top of Head: I really want to be slim.

Inside the Eye: But I’m not much of a cook.

Outside the Eye: I don’t like to food shop and plan meals.

Under the Eye: There are so many other things I’d rather do with the time.

Under the Nose: It’s easier to just grab something.

Under the Mouth: I don’t like the taste of healthy foods.

Collarbone: I feel deprived if I can’t eat what I want.

Underarm: It’s too much work to pay attention all the time.

Top of Head: I want to release the pounds without effort.

Inside the Eye: I want to eat what everyone else is eating.

Outside the Eye: Other people can be slim without effort. Why can’t I?

Under the Eye: I conveniently forget my resolve when I feel tired or pressed for time.

Under the Nose: I have lots of reasons why I don’t eat well.

Under the Mouth: And lots of reasons why I should eat well.

Underarm: In the end, I reward myself with the foods I really want to eat.




Top of Head: I choose to start making efforts now.

Inside the Eye: One small step at a time.

Outside the Eye: Any action in the right direction is better than none.

Under the Eye: I really can’t expect to be successful without any efforts.

Under the Nose: I’ll get out of this what I put into it.

Under the Mouth: I want to be slim and stay slim.

Collarbone: I want to have lots of energy and look great.

Underarm: I choose to do something different, something that will help. Small goals can help me get going. I’m willing to give it a try now. I can think of many ways to start.

Also write down whatever comes up for you when you tap, and also tap on that. 

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Carol Crenshaw is a Weight Loss and EFT Expert, helping hundreds of people weed through all the weight loss myths and providing healthy, fast and freeing weight loss solutions.To find out more about Carol and the weight loss programs she offers, go to www.MakingWeightLossEasy.com


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