Healthy Chocolate for Weight Loss

Our society is rather fat phobic. Whenever someone wants to lose weight, they think in terms of cutting fats out of their diet. And to some degree, this can counterbalance the tendency of Americans to eat way too much fat, and fat of the wrong kind. But somewhere in the middle there’s a balance.

Not all fats are created equal. And today coconut oil is being touted as the healthiest of oils to eat (in addition to unheated olive oil). Research is showing that coconut oil aids in weight loss. This is because it is made up predominantly of medium chain triglycerides that burn up quickly in the body. In contrast, polyunsaturated oils like corn and soy are largely made up of long chain triglycerides that the body metabolizes slowly and tends to store as fat, rather than burning them up. Cooking with coconut oil has also been shown to reduce waist circumference and abdominal obesity (and therefore the risk of heart disease).

You can cook and bake with coconut oil. Here’s a fun recipe for making your own chocolate with it that really tastes good…

1 part coconut oil                   1 part cocoa powder   Honey to taste

Optional: chopped nuts

Mix oil and cocoa powder (heat oil first if solidified). Add honey and nuts and mix in. Place in a shallow bowl, or glass storage container ,or a plate lined with waxed paper, or pour into candy molds. Put in frig to set.  Note: Be sure to use good quality organic oil for good taste.

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